St Pete Love Note #1

St Pete Love Note #1

Dear St Pete,

You are a beautiful, wonderful, lovely city. Here are some of the reasons I love you so much:

  1. You are the SUNSHINE CITY!
    • You literally hold the record for most consecutive days of sunshine at 768 days.
  2. Your residents are wonderful.
    • Everyone I meet is unique, and full of life. I constantly look around and marvel at the diversity, peace, friendship, and quirkiness of our residents.
  3. Your events are BAD ASS!
    • Let me break this down by just 3 of my favorites:
      • The Saturday Morning Market– From October to May, thousands of people flock to Al Lang Stadium to visit almost 200 vendors ranging from locally sourced organic produce and meats, to hand crafted artisan goods. It’s the largest market in the Southeastern US, and worth a visit every single week. It doesn’t hurt that Murray is an uber-fan of the market, as everyone stops to give him extra love.9-29-2016-9-54-09-am
      • Every Yoga Event– My studio, The Body Electric Yoga Company brings yoga to the masses every week of the month with “Yoga on Tap.” Hosted at Green Bench Brewery, 3 Daughters Brewery, Squeeze Juice Works, the Bikery, and more, they bring in incredible musicians and pair them with even more incredible yoga teachers to provide yoga in a completely different atmosphere. The energy alone is worth going. In addition, there’s monthly FREE yoga at The Sundial, where hundreds of yogis meet up early on a Saturday morning to practice together with a variety of teachers from local studios around the burg. And one of my personal favorites, and definitely the most challenging is 108 Sun Salutations to ring in the New Year.
      • Crafts & Drafts– My most favorite of the BILLION arts and craft shows in the burg, is Creative Loafing’s Crafts and Drafts (mainly because this is one of the only craft shows I do, and it’s always wildly successful for me. I usually get close to selling out! The event is held at the amazing St Pete Shuffleboard Club and takes place right before Christmas. In addition to over 100 vendors supplying unique hand-crafted goodies, the local brewers step up and bring their craft beers for the shoppers to get hopped up. Pet friendly, and a great location make for a super fun event with tons of stuff to see, do and buy!


  4. Breweries on Breweries on Breweries- Within the city limits, there are 6 breweries that you could easily bike to in one afternoon. There’s: St Pete Brewing, Cycle Brewing, Green Bench Brewing, Pinellas Ale Works, Cage Brewing, and 3 Daughters Brewing.  (A post dedicated to these beauties is coming soon!)
  5. Hexagons everywhere!– Literally everywhere. I live in a historic neighborhood called Historic Kenwood, and along the sidewalks, there are huge stretches of hexagonal pavers laid out as the walkway. It’s such a quirky find all over the city.
    • 9-29-2016-9-54-58-am
  6. A Painted City- Holy cow, our city has gotten more beautiful by the minute. In 2015, the first annual Shine Festival took place, allowing invited artists to paint stunning murals along the sides of buildings throughout the city. In 2016, they returned again with an even greater force, even painting an entire intersection in the city. To see the acceptance and love of art in all forms, makes this city even more beautiful.

These are just a few highlights of you, my wonderful city. I love getting to explore something new every single day, and it’s given me a new found love and appreciation for the state of Florida.

Thanks, Sunshine City.

I love you!



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