The Bridal Show- A Love Story

The Bridal Show- A Love Story

I love weddings.

Like really, truly love them. And all of the events that go along with them. The celebrating, the family reunions, the drama, the dancing, the eating, the drinking…

In the span of a year and a half, I was in 6 of them as a bridesmaid, and attended countless others, plus the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and bridal shows. It was truly the most glorious of times.

Though I could talk forever (literally) about weddings and all that goes in to them, this blog post is a re-cap of a recent bridal show I attended, and why I loved it so much.

In my experience, bridal shows all start out the same. You register, get your show bag, and enter in to a whirlwind of tulle, lace, rhinestones, photo booths, and cake. Some are big, some are small, but all have qualities that make the giggle-monster in me come out swinging.

I was invited to attend a bridal show with a close friend the other day, and this one may have been my favorite so far. Not for the high-quality vendors that were there to sell themselves, no. The cast of characters that made their way into this show were so special in so many ways, and I now have memories (and some photos) to last me a lifetime.

We checked in right on time at the registration desk, and the bride was handed a plastic bag to “hold all of the goodies.” Now, small detail, but a nice canvas tote that says “bride” doesn’t go unnoticed.

Our first stop was a photo booth (duh!) where we got some nice props and our printouts. A great and welcome start. Once inside the ballroom, we realized that the vendor selection was quite meek. The shows I have attended (same sentiments echoed by the bride) have rows and rows of local vendors pedaling their offerings. This show was a much smaller scale, with vendors peppering the perimeter of the ballroom, and a long catwalk with about 300 chairs surrounding it sitting in the center. (Yes, there was a fashion show.)

The first booth we approached inside was what we both initially thought was a nice spa with the opportunity to win some pampering! Upon further discussion with the booth’s representative, we discovered it was a sex counseling group who likes to learn all of your personal details to coach you on how to have “great sex” with your partner. Oh my. That’s new.

Next up was a “one-of-a-kind-couture” dress designer. Let me preface this by saying, oh. my. god. The dress on display was perhaps one of the oddest things I’ve seen. It was a long, sheer lace skirt (with no under layer), and a mid-drift lace top with a plunging neckline. Also with no under layer. Confused, we picked up a card and noticed that the picture on the postcard was just as good. Full coverage skirt, and a see-through top that shows your bra. At least this one had a higher neckline?

Fast forward a few un-eventful vendors to the cotton candy (yes, you read that right) vendor who can give you 4 hours and an attendant for spun cotton candy on your wedding day. Because, doesn’t every bride want sticky, hot-pink, sugar fingers coming at you in your white gown?

Oh and there was the group there that throws those dildo parties at your house for a fun gals get together. No dildos on display, sadly.

There was a great photographer that we both agreed would be worth a call-back, and a cake decorator that had some pretty and tasty options.

And then, finally, there was the Fashion-Show-Door-Prize-Extravaganza. Thank God we stayed for this, because this truly was the icing on the wedding cake.

Enter, “Jim” (I don’t think this is his real name) from Philly, the prez of this particular show. After much consideration and about an hour studying him, I have concluded that he was pounding scotch out of his pocket flask before and during the show. “Jim” joined us up on the catwalk to explain that there would be the first walk from our most favorite designer, and then some door prizes, and then another walk, and more door prizes. Boy, were we in for a treat (and I don’t mean cotton candy.)

There were a few memorable parts to the fashion show, and the rest was mostly uneventful. First, there was a wedding jumpsuit. Like… lace pants. Think wedding dress top, and pants. With a tail. Here’s a blurry picture that kind of captures the majesty.


There were crooked zippers, puckered fabric, missing buttons, and frayed edges in the rest of the dresses. Definitely couture.

There also was a few almost nip-slips where the entire audience held their breath to see if there was about to be a Janet Jackson moment on the catwalk. Sadly for us, and fortunately for the models, everything stayed where it should have.

Then came the almost riot that happened, because a bride who won a door prize had stepped out for a moment and wasn’t present to receive her prize. Her cousin stepped in and tried to accept to the literal screams of the other attendees. They had to put it to a vote to see if this girl was going to get A TEETH WHITENING KIT. To say that we saw the claws come out was the understatement of the century.

There are so many other reasons why I love bridal shows, and even more about this one that I could go on and on about.  Have you ever attended a bridal show? Love it? Hate it? Tell me in the comments!


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