Musings from Jury Duty

Musings from Jury Duty

I’ve had my Florida driver’s license for 12 years… Never once have I been “randomly” selected for Jury Duty. But today is my day to shine. I’m sitting in the break room performing my civic duty, and boy oh boy is this an interesting scenario from start to finish.

The interesting occurrences of the day are as follows:

  • There are lovely sculptures out front of the court room. It was a nice surprise at 8:30 this morning.
  • The videos they play for orientation are pretty brutal.
  • Though my company pays me while I’m here, the $15 a day stipend for jurors seems pathetically low.
  • What an incredible place to people watch
    • There’s a man who I’m certain has no idea how to control the volume of his voice.
    • Cell phones are probably ruining the world, because almost no one is talking to each other, except for the guy who can’t control the volume of his voice.
    • The dress code is spanning the spectrum from full suits to athletic gear.
    • There are still some people in this world that don’t have cell phones and have to use the public phones. Also, those phones are in this break room so everyone can hear their conversations.
  • There’s some baddddddd coffee in here. But I sure as shit drank it.
  • They sent a bunch of people home early because there were only a few cases and I DIDN’T GET PICKED! Whyyyyyyyyy. It was literally like waiting for your number to be called for the lottery.
  • I got sent home early after all. Out of 12 cases scheduled for the day, only one made it to the court house.

All-in-all, it was an interesting experience. Part of me would have loved to sit on a jury and go through the whole process, but I have this fear that I would be the lucky one to get sequestered for 6 months in some insane case. Probably would have just gotten chosen for a traffic violation, but WHAT IF?!

Have you ever been selected for jury duty? What was your favorite experience? Tell me in the comments!



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