How to Turn Your Day Around When You Wake Up Feeling Terrible

How to Turn Your Day Around When You Wake Up Feeling Terrible

*Written on July 1,2017*

It happens often- I wake up, and immediately know it’s going to be a rough day. It usually starts with some abdominal cramping, followed by extremely loud intestinal noises. I’m usually still tired, even though I’m a morning person that likes to spring out of bed. As I write this, it’s a bad day for me. I woke up still feeling tired, and my intestines were not happy. No explanation as to why either. I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary the day before… The only difference was I stayed up later than normal talking to friends. Hardly an act to warrant a shitty start to the day. And timing couldn’t have been worse… I start Yoga Teacher Training today, so I’ll be at the studio meeting brand new yogis that I’ll be spending the next 6 months with, and I’m pretty uncomfortable. Oy.

So when I know it’s going to be a rough start to the day, I have a few tried and true methods to make myself feel better and start to turn my day around. It doesn’t always result in a perfect day. In fact, that almost never happens, but every little bit helps.

Here are some quick fixes to turning your day around:

  • Stay in bed as long as you can- I like to lay there and read my book for a while, or check my phone. Really I like to like to hold off on rising for as long as possible, which is very unlike me. Generally speaking, I spring out of bed at 5:30 or 6:00, and do everything I can to conquer the day. But on a rough day, I practice kindness to myself, and stay immobile for as long as possible.
  • Have a glass of water- You should be doing this one every day anyway, since you wake up pretty dehydrated from 8(ish) hours without fluids. But on a rough day, I feel that the helps me reset my day and kick it into my normal routine. If I’m not feeling plain water, I’ll squeeze some lemon or lime in there to make it more enticing to drink.
  • Don’t eat– This is exclusively for those of you who have digestive issues like IBD, IBS or a combo of the two. I usually stick to a tea, and have a protein smoothie with just protein powder and almond milk, and that’s usually enough to get me through until lunch time if and when my appetite returns.
  • Focus on something else– Do you have a hobby or passion, or something at work you can focus on? Is there a way you can draw your energy to that thing, so you’re not hyper focused on you being uncomfortable and in pain? Try to get your mind off of it in the best ways you know how.
  • Stretch and breathe- If yoga has taught me anything, its how to breathe through discomfort. One of my teachers once told me, during a very difficult pose, “This is only temporary. It’s not forever.” I’ve used that mantra often, when I’m feeling uncomfortable, and it’s always helped me cope with the current moment and stay present. Try breathing through your symptoms, and use gentle stretching and twisting to loosen yourself up to start to feel better.
  • Don’t dwell- Try your best not to pity yourself and your situation. I know its so easy to fall victim to the “woe is me” “I don’t feel good” type mentality. But honestly, you can do this. You’re strong, and you’re going to feel better. Try your best to maintain a positive attitude and adjust your day in a way where you’re being kind to yourself, but not wallowing in self pity. It’s hard, but you can do it.

Starting your day off feeling like shit is never fun. But you can work through it and come out stronger on the other side. Talk to your support system, and have them lift you up.

This is only temporary. It’s not forever.

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