My Brief Crafting and Blogging Hiatus

My Brief Crafting and Blogging Hiatus

Holy busy pants, batman. I feel like these last couple of weeks have flown by faster than I can even enjoy them! That being said, I obviously have been somewhat absent from the following: Social media, crafting, blogging, etc.


I’m coming back! Looks like my life is going to slow down a bit which will give me time to play with those aspects of my life.

But here’s what I’ve been up to in the meantime:

  • Working
  • Yoga
  • Busch Gardens Food & Wine
  • Birthday celebrations which include kayaking, bike riding, hanging with party people
  • Birthday

It’s been a wild fun last couple of weeks, and now its time to get to work again!

First up, more crafting coming soon and a stitch tips blog headed your way! If you haven’t read the last stitch tips about cross stitch, check it out here.

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