Life with Crohn's, Crafts, and Cruisin'.

I like long walks… in the craft store

I like long walks… in the craft store

Is there anything better than having unrestricted time in a craft store? Especially a well stocked craft store with the prospect of using a particularly useful coupon? The answer is, very few things are better than that.


As a curious crafter, looking to try literally anything once, the craft store becomes a sea of possibilities that can only be stifled by a time crunch. So, when I have to go to the craft store during my lunch break (from my full-time gig), I feel like I never get to see the full potential of the store. It’s an in and out job, one that sometimes I even make a, GASP, list for…

And then,┬áthere’s the dreaded line filled with the following people:



Who should I have added to this list? Who do you often run into at the craft store? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list for the future!