Life with Crohn's, Crafts, and Cruisin'.

Excuse me? What’s the Hoop Du Jour?

Excuse me? What’s the Hoop Du Jour?

It’s the hoop of the day.




Working full-time at my day job, hitting up some after-hours yoga classes, and cooking epic meals for dinner leaves little time to dedicate to stitching up a storm. People always ask me how I have time to take up a hobby and make all these hoops! Well, here’s the method to my madness.

One thing you have to know about me first, is I have a hard time “vegging-out.” I don’t sleep in, and anyone close to me can vouch that I truly love to “MAXIMIZE THE DAY!” Adding my crafting in is no different.


Brian and I love a good TV show. Or movie. Or made for TV movie. So, after we eat our dinner, we often migrate to the couch to watch the latest New Girl or American Idol (don’t judge… it’s the last season.) Typically, sitting in front of the TV isn’t my style, because that is the opposite of kicking the day’s ass. But really, this is where I can maximize my time. Rarely, do I need focus my entire attention on the TV screen- unless of course, it’s a show with subtitles, in which case requires my eyeballs to read the story to understand what the eff is going on (we don’t watch too many things with subtitles.) Brian even once asked me, “Do you even know what these characters look like?”

The answer is always (or almost always) yes. I only need to look up for a few seconds each scene to get the gist of what’s going on. Especially when they’re just talking to each other.

Look up: Talking

Look down: Listen to talking

Look up: Still talking

Don’t look up until lighting changes where it’s possibly another scene.

So typically, in a night (maybe 2 hours) I can get 2 hoops, or 1 cross stitch finished. Now, not finished to the point of backing or framing, but at least stitched up!


And that, my friends, is how I maximize my day. Job, Yoga, Dinner, Crafting, Dog Time, Husband Time. All in a day’s work.