5 Ways to Save Big At the Craft Store

5 Ways to Save Big At the Craft Store

A friend of mine recently took a trip to the craft store for decorations for her daughter’s first birthday party. When she told me how much she spent for how little she got, my eyeballs bulged and I had to check that this was even “with a coupon!?”

“What coupon???”

Her answer made me realize that not everyone may be as familiar with the ways to save a bunch of money at the craft store like I am. I also craft as a side business, so I like to try to keep my profit margins as high as possible, which means spending the least amount of money at the craft store without actually robbing the joint.


So here is my manifesto:


Here’s 5 ways you can save, and save BIG on your next trip to your favorite craft store.

  1. There’s an app for that– Big craft stores like Michael’s, Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby have apps for iPhone and Android devices. Within the app you can shop, check the circular, and most importantly, find non-expired coupons! They change them up all the time, so check for the really good ones, like:
    • 50% off one regular priced item
    • 20% off entire purchase
  2. Email is your friend- I have a special email address just for “spam” type emails, so I don’t bog down my important inbox. I sign up for email coupons from all of my local stores, and they regularly deliver coupons that I can use within a certain time frame.
  3. Text rates may apply- In particular, at Joann Fabrics you can sign up to get their text message coupons. They tend to send a text once every other month, and  usually they’re pretty legit. Remember, these are usually pretty time sensitive, so you have to strike while the iron is hot. Here are some examples of ones I’ve received in the last month:
    • 20% off total purchase
    • 60% off one regular priced item
    • 50% off one regular priced item
  4. Stack stack stack stack!- Most craft stores (though they may not admit it) allow you to stack coupons. So there have been times that I have used a 40% off one item, a 50% off the next, and a 20% off of my entire purchase all at once! The most I’ve saved is $36 on a $80 bill. If they don’t let you stack (ahem, Michael’s), break your purchase into smaller purchases to get the most bing for your buck.
  5. Pit them against each other- Most craft stores coupon match with their competitors. Some are a little more “by-the-book” with it, but as long as the item exists in the other store, they’ll usually honor that coupon. Remember, if you’re trying to use a Michael’s coupon for fabric at Joann Fabrics, it won’t work, because Michael’s is not a fabric store.
  6. (Extra Tip) Snail mail- Sign up for their mailer! They will send you coupons in the mail that you can bring in and stack with your app, text and email coupons! Quadruple your savings!

The moral of the story, is there’s always a way to save. If you need something IMMEDIATELY, check the apps for coupons. I’ve never been to the craft store where one hasn’t been available on the app. If you can wait it out until a super awesome coupon comes along, (lookin at you, 20% off entire purchase) wait! You’ll end up saving a bunch of money!

What are some other tricks you’ve found to keep it cheap at the craft store?


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