Life with Crohn's, Crafts, and Cruisin'.

Join me on the Journey

Join me on the Journey

A lifestyle blog about chronic illness, yummy food, fun places, and random musings



I’m Callie… a full-time marketer by day, crafter by night, yogi, and Crohnie all the time. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in late 2016, after years of unexplained symptoms that most doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t diagnose. After a 3-day stint in the hospital for a partial bowel obstruction, a colonoscopy and endoscopy, and 2 weeks of antibiotics and pain meds, my new G.I. showed me the lab results that clearly read, “ya have Crohn’s.” As he explained what that meant in  his office, I nodded and processed what that meant, but I didn’t cry or get upset. It wasn’t until I called my husband from the parking lot of the doctor’s office and told him the news that the tears came. But, in all honesty, they weren’t tears of sadness. I mean, sure, there were some of those as I thought that I was now somehow different, and I had a “disease.” But I really cried tears of relief, because after years of doctor’s across the Tampa Bay area shrugging their shoulders at me and making me feel insane, I could finally point the finger at them and say “HA! I TOLD YOU!”


Since the Crohn’s diagnosis, I haven’t been exactly “better” or “in remission.” But, through diet, natural remedies and a strict regimen of yoga, I’ve begun to heal my body. My G.I. and I both agreed that meds were going to be a last resort (one of the many reasons I love him), so other than a few short bouts of Prednisone to knock a really bad flare into a mini-pause, I’ve been completely prescription free.My journey is by no means your journey. But I hope that through my trials and errors that I can help others who are suffering from Crohn’s Disease, or another Chronic Illness to begin to find positivity and hope that this disease, or illness, or disorder doesn’t define you. It sure as shit doesn’t define me. And I refuse to become a victim.

I hope that through this blog, you too can find your own path to health, and share your own successes with me as well.